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Class Restarts

Although we know that the COVID lockdown is to be eased from next week we are still waiting for confirmation of the regulations and availability of venues.

We will be in touch with everyone individually to let you know when your specific class will restart.

We are looking forward to running some classes again soon.


11th May 2021

Simply Solo

The last Thursday session of Simply Solo will be on 13th May. It's been lovely to see so many of you at these sessions and we appreciate your support.

Sam has enjoyed it so much she has qualified as a Gold Level FitSteps instructor!



Although we now have a roadmap for the easing of lockdown regulations there is still a long way to go.

If everything goes to plan we should be restarting classes in late May or early June but we can't get too excited and make any definite plans until we have confirmation of the regulations and availability of venues.

One thing we do know for sure is that we will not be returning to Iveshead School at the end of lockdown. This is not connected to COVID-19 but reflects plans by the local authority to change the use of the school.

As far as we know the venues we used through August to October will be available once they have the go ahead to reopen.

As always it's a question of 'watch this space'.

In the meantime you can always enjoy some 'Simply Solo with Sam'. If you haven't tried it and are interested in giving it a go take a look at the link below:

Simply Solo with Sam

Stay safe.

22 March 2021

Simply Solo with Sam

After last weeks successful launch we are now going to run these sessions every Thursday until the end of lockdown. It was brilliant to see so many of you and we really enjoyed it.

If you plan to join a session it makes it easier if you can make your payment in advance to avoid any delay.

If you pay and then can't make the session don't worry, we will carry it forward.  If you end up in a rush and havn't paid us that's not a problem either, we can sort it out later.

If you havn't tried Simply Solo yet and would like to join us just let us have your email address and we will send you the details.

Some more useful information is available in the following link:

Simply Solo with Sam



Simply Solo with Sam

We know that you will be thinking you've forgotten all your dancing and that you need to get a bit fitter for when you can get back to classes again.

The answer is 'Simply Solo with Sam'.

This is our new on-line dance session which uses ballroom and latin dance steps as a form of exercise.

If you're interested have a look at the details on the link.

Simply Solo with Sam


29 January 2021


We would like to wish all our dancers a Happy New Year. We hope to be dancing again later this year as soon as we are allowed.

Look after yourselves and stay safe.

In the meantime don't forget some basic rules:

Social Ballroom Dancing Dilemmas.

and for discussion:

Dancing Is Easy?  




We should have been celebrating Christmas with our pupils on Saturday but sadly, for the first time in fourteen years, it was not to be.

We've had some lovely times at our Christmas events and we enjoyed a look through our Photo Gallery to reminisce.

Christmas Blessings to all our dancers. We miss your company and look forward to seeing you all again soon. We hope it's not too long!!

Linda, Sam and Alan



No doubt you all know that although the national lockdown will end on 2nd December all of our local areas will be classified as Tier 3.

Sadly that means that we are can't restart classes and we are now closing until the New Year. As always we will update the bulletin board with any news.

Thank you for all your support during 2020.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy (and Healthy!!) New Year.

Look after each other and we look forward to a more normal 2021.


27th November 2020


With the imminent introduction of another lockdown from 5th November we are sadly having to make plans to suspend classes again.

Classes already planned for this week will go ahead (we have already cancelled Linda's classes for Tuesday and Wednesday for other reasons) but there will be no further classes after Wednesday 4th November until further notice.

We have enjoyed running classes again since August and look forward to getting back again as soon as it's safe.

1st November 2020

Getting Back to a Class

If you were in a Beginners Class before lockdown and want to get back into a class we have a space for you.

We have spaces in our Tuesday 8.30 Class at Markfield Community Centre at Beginner level which would be great for any couple who started in the Tuesday or Thursday Beginners Class before March this year.

If you would like to join us please contact us as soon as you can to start next Tuesday 6th October.




With the Government announcing changes to the COVID-19 Guidance and Regulations today we have been keeping a close eye on developments.

This is an extract from a document issued by the Department for Digital,Culture, Media & Sport in relation to the exemptions to the Rule of 6:

"We've confirmed that dance classes for exercise fall under the organised sport exemption so it's fine so long as its run by a company, charity, instructor etc."

On this basis we continue to run our current classes on the current basis with our continuing vigourous attention to our COVID Safety Plan.


22nd September 2020

15.09 hrs


We are pleased to say that because we are a permitted activity in a COVID controlled environment the revised COVID regulations will not affect us and classes will continue as before.

We look forward to seeing all our classes as usual next week.

11th September 2020

September Classes and Beyond

We have now had updates from our two regular venues. Neither venue is planning to allow outside lettings. They are both going to review the situation at October half term at the earliest.

Bearing this in mind we have extended our bookings at our current venues, where we can, until further notice.

Because all of our new venues are smaller and we have to observe the usual safety rules relating to social distancing, we will not be able to increase our current class sizes.

Sadly this means that there are no extra places for those couples who are still waiting to return. It also means that we will not be able to start an autumn Beginners Class this year.

We will keep trying to extend the number of places and will be in contact with couples if places become available.

24th August 2020

COVID-19 Safety Update

We have now had another week of our summer classes and it's been great to be settling in to what we love best - dancing!

We have been listening to every class about COVID-19 safety in particular about wearing masks.

We are recommending the wearing of masks.

If you can't wear a mask then don't.

If you can wear a mask, wear one to help protect those who can't.


16th August 2020
Simply Safety Plan

Now we are into the second week of Summer Classes we are getting a better idea of what it takes for us all to feel safe and to be safe.

Feedback shows that the issue of face masks is very important with most people feeling safer if the class are all wearing face masks particularly when dancing around the hall.

We won’t be making face masks mandatory but we are recommending that face mask are worn during classes to make everyone feel that bit safer. We do understand though, that some pupils can’t do this because of health issues.

We are still learning in this strange new world and will keep listening to feedback about any COVID-19 safety issues.


Simply Dancing COVID-19 Safety Plan


11th August 2020


Location Maps

We now have maps and guidance on the Where We Are page for our new venues.


29th July 2020

It's Just A Dance Class!

10th July 2020